Getting over grief is not a real thing!

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Yes, I said it. Many people could be steaming angry that I would say something like that. I would like to explain why I say that getting over grief is not a real thing.

First, the things that happen to you in life no matter if it is a loss of a job, a divorce, or the death of a loved one are what they are, and they happened. 

Second, facts are facts. You cannot go back in time and change a fact about what happened in your life.

Finally, you do not get over things that create trauma in your life. You either suppress the grief or learn to resourcefully manage it. Grief does not go away!

So, what makes you think there is no getting over grief?

I have experienced an incredible amount of grief in my life. I have experienced more than some and less than others but, I have experienced enough to last me a lifetime! 

I have started 13 businesses and have failed at 10 of them miserably, my wife had 4 miscarriages, we lost our 12-year-old son to cancer, we went bankrupt, and that is just some of the big things.

I have also been studying and researching grief since 2012. This does not make me special or better than anyone else however, I have seen the ways people grieve and have compiled a lot of common information on what works and what does not. 

The people who have the greatest success at moving forward with their life after an instance of grief have learned to accept the grief that they have. They learn to effectively and resourcefully manage the grief while acknowledging the fact that something bad happened to them.

Grief is hard to face on your own!

Today we are challenged more and more with mental health issues such as, anxiety, depression, rage, shame, and a long list of other emotions that often result in grief.

There are many people that can help you with resourcefully managing your grief. 

When I was going through my hardest points of grief I talked with counselors, therapists, social workers, and psychologists. They were all heartfelt and helpful but what I found was that none of them had experienced the death of their child as I had.

I set out to become the very thing that I could not find when I needed it most. I became a certified grief coach.

I have made it a passion of mine to serve those whom are experiencing grief and want to learn to effectively manage it. 

So, while there is no “getting over grief” you can certainly learn to have a great life after you experience grief, and I can show you how. If you would like to learn more about managing your grief with no cost or obligation please visit or send me an email to

Your life can still be great after grief! Give yourself the gift of happiness and fulfillment today!

Jeremy Sycks is an NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Trainer, and a Certified Life Coach specializing in Grief Coaching. Jeremy is the founder of the grief coaching program “How to Cope with the Loss of a Loved One.